Dragon Hats

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Here are some of the strange and fantastical things that are dragonish.
I present to you- DRAGONHATS!!


I WANT ONE!!!!!!


I want one of these even more. But here's what worries me... how is it floating like that? Spooky no?


This one may, or may not be a novelty tea cosy, or possibly oven mitt...Who cares, it's cool anyway.


Okay, now this one just frightens me. Why is it staring? Make it stop please.

Special Thanks to the GODLIKE Daniel Badrick for sending me the dragon hat pictures. Makes me feel bad for calling you a tart on Halloween.


This kid is either very happy or very ashamed. I still wish I was him for a day though.


I wish I lived here

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"webcam" images may or may not or may or may not or may be still photographs..