The Story of DragonWatch

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Once upon a time there were two friends named Sparkie and Wee One...

They had known eachother since they were little tots, and often pondered strange and unusual things.
One sunny afternoon they were trying to decide what would be the easiest job on earth. Sparkie suggested that perhaps DragonWathcer would fill the requirements.
"All you need is a notebook, and a pen and then you just sit back and write 'Day 3,486... Still no Dragons.' "
The phrase became a sort of catchphrase for the two strange friends and it wasn't long until they were looking out for Dragons in all kinds of places.
One day, while on a long car journey through their home country of Wales, they were playing the game 'Horse'. Sparkie decided to be very annoying and play 'Dragon' instead. It occured to her, that there were more dragons out there than they had first realised.
Sparkie decided (she was very bored afterall) to create a website devotted to the sport of DragonWatching. And here it is...


Wee One and Sparkie frolicking merrily in a fountain on Trafalgar Square on our spiffy holiday in London. Sparkie is not as fat as she looks in this picture. Wee one actually is that tiny ans smug though.
London was cool. I sexually harrased Superman, oh yes I did.

Spotted a Dragon? email me at sparkie_snaps_fingers@hotmail.com

"webcam" images may or may not or may or may not or may be still photographs..