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Dragon Related Pages
A site about dragon folklore and stuff: http://www.draconian.com/
This one is about "real" dragons (I find those quote marks insulting)
This is just abut the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Websites from the warped imaginations of my friends:
Ah, Stephanie, you may be DragonScaout #4, but that doesn't seem to stop you being a nutcase...
It's THE DUCK!!!
Aaaah, the Badrickness


Woody and Rendell throw the BEST parties. Check out their crazy photo galleries.




Other spifferiffic stuff:
If you've never seen this, for the LOVE OF GOD DO!! Then look at other stuff.
also this is worth splitting your guts over
This too..
Check out the 'pic of the moment' archives, then hold onto your sides
This is where Total Film gets its abridged scripts. There's tons more here too.
This is very funny. Check out the entry on Van Helsing. I wrote that!!
Create your own insane movie script...they really seem to want it to involve a hooker with a heart of gold though...
Speaks for itslef donnit?
Go see this...out of morbid curiosity. It's so funny.

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