The DragonWatchers

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Please be gentle...

The Dragon Keepers

Sparkie and Wee One

We are the psychotic individuals responsible for inflicting the sport of Dragonwatching on the world. We are both 18 years old and are very odd. I, Sparkie, am the psychotic individual responsible for this web page. Wee One is mearly my vertically challenged sidekick (please don't tell her I called her that)


Here is the adorable Wee Rhiannon and her friend The Hulk. Guess which one is which.


This is me, Sparkie, at Woody and Rendell's christmas party. I so totally stole this picture off their website. I look like I'm trying REALLY hard to be adorable with the grin and the pigtails, but everyone knows I'm really PURE EVIL!

The DragonScouts

Rachel "Tucker The Handsome Fucker"
Sallyann "The Duck"
Megan "Smeg"
"Amusingly Gay" Tom
Dylan "Judy's Bitch"
Andy "*cough*HITLER*cough*"
Lola "Showgirl"
Shanie.S "Lil Striped Tomato"
Cori "Herb"
Sian "Anfa"
Matt "Klassy"
and Steph....who doesn't have a nickname...

The DragonScouts are our unholy underlings! Mwa Ha HA!
Well, okay, they're just friends and crazy apprentices who we bribe and threaten with hot soup until they agree to join our cause. ie. DragonWatching. If you would like to be a DragonScout, please contact me at sparkie_snaps_fingers@hotmail.com
Oh, go on, sign up. All you have to do is send me pictures of any dragons you may happen to encounter....Yeah, its a full time job.


DragonScout Tucker outside Prada in London




Enzo is a small jack russel puppy with GIGANTIC ears, belonging to DragonKeeper Sparkie.
Toby is a large mixed breed puppy who looks worryingly like a dingo and is quite scary, belonging to DragonKeeper Wee One.
Grabbit is a small, randomly weird jack russel/beagle cross belonging to DragonScout Tucker

Spotted a Dragon? email me at sparkie_snaps_fingers@hotmail.com

"webcam" images may or may not or may or may not or may be still photographs..