Famous Dragons
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Here are some Famous Dragons you may have seen yourself.


DRACO- Constellation
Can be seen: In the sky (when and where, I have no idea. Let me know if you do)
Rarity: That all depends on where in the world you are while looking at the sky.


DRACO MALFOY- Annoying Hogwarts Brat
Can be Seen: In Harry Potter films, Harry Potter books,Harry Potter merchandise, Harry Potter porn spoofs, the seventh circle of hell...
Rarity: Unbearably common


SPYRO THE DRAGON- Computer game hero
Can be Seen: In his Nintendo video games
Rarity: Very common


THE SHREK DRAGON- Cartoon character
Can be Seen: In the movie Shrek, possibly Shrek2, I don't know cuz I havent seen it.
Rarity: Very Common 


CHINESE DRAGON- Costumed People
Can be seen: At Chinese festivals and parade type things, and especially at chinese new year
Rarity: Fairly Common, very in China I suspect.

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