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Sparkie's Top Ten Movies. October 9th 2004
10. Romeo+Juliet
 Because: (STOP LAUGHING) Mostly because I love anything Shakepeare. Also it's really beautiful. I don't like the actors though.
9. Donnie Darko
 Because: If you don't get it, its because you're a closed minded moron.
8. The Usual Suspects
 Because: I'M KYSER SOZE!!!!
7. Punch-Drunk Love
 Because: It's the ONLY rom-com where you have NO CLUE where the story is going. It's VERY VERY weird.
6. Stand By Me
 Because: I wanna be a kid again. Plus, River Phoenix was amazing. 
5. Heathers
 Because: It's so EVIL!! I hate the end though. I really wanted JD to blow up the damn school.
4. Fight Club
 Because: If (like my brother) you don't get it. It's because you're a closed minded moron.
3. Magnolia
 Because: Every single character is fucked up beyond belief, and what brings them all together? A rain of Frogs. Genius.
2. True Romance
 Because: It's so damn cute that even I (who has no feelings whatsoever) actually cared about Clarence and Alabama.  
1. My Own Private Idaho
 Because: Can you name another movie that combines the brilliance of Shakespeare-speak and Dude-speak? Plus, River Phoenix was amazing.
Monday November 1st 2004
Top ten Costumes at Sally's Halloween party-
10. Tom- he didnt come in costume, but he was forced to wear fairy wings, which was amusing.
9. Jo- that weebl and bob thing. even though most people had no idea who you were.
8. Badrick- Zombie (I think) It was a good look for him.
7. Aaran- karate kid (or something) amde good pajamas yes?
6. Woody- Shaun of the dead- Ended up with a whole lot mre blood on him than he intended. Falling asleep was his mistake.
5. Everyone who came as a witch- not very original okay, but you guys all looked very good.
4. Sian- Sirius Black with IT WAS THE RAT written on her arse.Class.
3. Sparkie- Liza Minelli. Oh yes, I was a gay icon for a night
2. Tree- A she-devil with actual boobs. Looked more like satans mother in law though.
1. Rendell who was dressed a s a woman with a black dress. That was fucking awesome.

[On things he wanted to get rid of into Room 101 but that didn't make his top list]
David Baddeil: Yeah people who drink tea and then go "Ahhhh". I mean, it's tea not a blowjob.

How unfortunate...It got away