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Friday December 3rd 2004
Today I Hate...
BBC Wales
Yep, the BBC is my enemy, again. Why, oh why, can't BBC Wales show the programmes at the same times as BBC West? WHY!!!!!?!?!?! Especially the good programmes on BBC2, the comedy shows like QI and Nevermind the Buzzcocks. And sometimes the programmes aren't just on later that night, they're on like, next thursday or something!! And what do we get instead? Gardeners World or some shit.
No wonder I only watch Sky now.
Monday 1st November 2004
Lightning hit my house last week and knocked out our sky TV, so since today is a day when I have NOTHING AT ALL to do (as if that'snot annoying enough) I also have nothing to wach on tv except cooking shows and fucking Trisha. Fuck you trisha. And you know what? Who the hell needs to see people arsing about attemting to cook? Why don't we all just stick cameras in our kitchens and make a few quid. fuck off. its boring.

" I hate the water... and I hate being wet... and I hate you!" - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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