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December 3rd 2004
Today I love...
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Okay, this film is fucking brilliant. Not to everyone's taste, but then, lots of people are morons. It's probably the most unique and original film I've seen since Donnie Darko, and even if unique and original isn't your thing, it's still really funny. (eg, the bit where they're watching a drive in movie "Don't call me Antwone, my name is Wally." "How could I ever love a man with a name like wally?" "there's people coming out of your butt!" "There are?") And jim Carrey never has (and probably never will) do anything that even comes close to being this good. Okay, The Truman Show was good, but piss poor compared to this. I don't really know if the ending is supposed to be an upper or a downer though. I think Joel only realised half way through the procedure how much he love Clementine because by that time he's already forgotten what a cow she is, so I kinda find it hard to belive they lived happily ever after. Then again, they were obviously miserable without eachother. okay, I've decided I think it's an upper. Because i belive that there is a very fine line between true love and hatred.
So, i strongly urge you. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- See it. SEE IT!!! Kirsten Dunst has a pretty small role and she's not particularly annoying, so you have no excuse! 
Monday 1st Novemeber 2004
Or, to be specicfic, Halloween parties. Sallyann "The Duck" threw one spiffy halloween bash at her house on saturday night. Much fun was had. Round of applause for the duck please *everyone claps* Well done duckling.
I may (read:definately) have made a fool of myself, but when youre havig that much fun, does i really matter? no siree.
Thanks duck!

"I could fuck this ice box, I love it so much"- The Talented Mr Ripley

How unfortunate...It got away